Facilities include the Museum Building on Main Street in McFarland (diagonally across from the Library), the Log Cabin, the Annex, and most recently, the Larson House Museum.

The Board of Directors is constantly involved in facilities maintenance and improvement.  Recent projects are a new energy efficient heating system for the museum, new cedar shingles for the Log Cabin, and a rustic fence to deliniate Historical Society property.  All of these projects involved contributions of time and money from members and local business people.  Below, Board Member Tim Mitchell (center) presented awards to Kevin Mackie and Matt Duffy for their contributions to the new heating system.  Bottom, Stanley Dodson, Ed Wimmer and Wes Licht work on the roof of the Log Cabin.  Not shown but also providing labor was Dale Marsden.

In 2012, the Society purchased the Larson House, an 1898 Queen Ann style Victorian home in disrepair.  It had stood empty and neglected for twenty years.  The Board of Directors appointed the Larson House Planning Committee whose members developed a restoration plan that was approved by the McFarland Landmarks Commission.  Once again, this community has been generous with local contractors donating considerable time and materials, many people donating artifacts, and many volunteers donating their time to clean and renovate the building.  In September of 2013, a "Sneak Peek" open house was offered with 75% of the house completed.  Over 250 people attended and marveled at the work that had been done so far and the local history that is being preserved in this house museum.

Also in 2013, the Annex received a complete make over with the building being dedicated to farms and farming over the years.  Thanks to Wes Licht, Sharon Payne and others for their dedicated work in the Annex.  The result is another very interesting feature of the McFarland Historical Society's facilities.