Float the Boat Project

Float the Boat Project

We invite you to join us in an exciting new project for the McFarland, Wisconsin, area community. This project, an addition to the McFarland Historical Society Museum on Main Street, will provide a place to restore a hundred year-old double-pointed rowboat used on Lake Waubesa many years ago, and it will eventually feature a new “Lure of the Lakes” display.   It will also have a multi-purpose room to be used for records organization and preservation, for meetings, and for working on displays.  Relocating these activities from the lobby area of the museum will offer a more inviting area to welcome the public.  The project is well underway and many generous donors have already come forward to make it possible.

Rowboats pointed on both ends – about 1913

John Wendling is naming the boat after his wife Ruth Larson Wendling, youngest daughter of Obed Larson and granddaughter of John O. Larson.  John and Obed started Larson’s Beach Resort on Lake Waubesa in 1906.  Obed rowed over to Turvil Point in Monona to pick up six double-pointed row boats for the campers at their resort to use.  The Wendling’s personal histories will be posted near the restored rowboat.

Corrine Niedenthal named the meeting room.  She helped write her interesting personal history.  Though Corrine died in 2016, her history will live on for all to see in the Museum.

John and Corrine each gave $10,000 towards the project.  Others have given at the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Pewter levels, and others have made donations to be in the “Float the Boat” book.  These will be displayed in the Museum Lobby.  Some of the donations honor the donors and others honor loved ones of the donors.  The only requirement is that those being honored must have been active, contributing members of the McFarland area community.  Thus, the entire project will help preserve local history.


Float the Boat Donation

The total cost of the project is about $40,000.  We invite you get involved by donating at the platinum ($2000), gold ($1000), silver ($500), bronze level ($200), or pewter level ($100).  Your name, photo and bio* would be placed on a plaque in the display room.  Or, be in the “Float the Boat” book for $25.

$ 100
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Donation Total: $100

Volunteers Welcome

You could also volunteer to help restore the boat.  Contact Dale Marsden – 608-838-3992.


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